This about me is really about you and how I can inspire you, whether through photography, design, party styling or helping you create the look and feel for your new business!  


There is so much inspiration in life - I am greatly inspired by small business owners who are doing big things in their world. I am inspired by the emotions that are captured in candid moments. I am inspired by childrens happiness and reactions to little things adults take for granted. 

The about me stuff - I worked as a graphic designer and head of creative at a brand and marketing agency for 8 years before having my first child 4 years ago. Although being a mum is the best thing in the world, Ted and Fox Studio is another baby of mine that I pour my heart and soul in to and am so passionate about.

No matter what your requirements I am here to have a chat, whether its your wedding invitation, a logo for your new small business or photos for your next event. I would love to work with you.